The CMFA Provides $24,660,000 in Low Cost Tax-Exempt Financing to California Armenian Homes

The California Home for the Aged, Inc will use the proceeds of the Bonds, together with other available funds, to (i) refinance a taxable loan (the “Prior Loan”) with Bank of the West, in the aggregate principal amount of $25,500,000, of which $25,500,000 currently is outstanding, which was incurred for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, expanding, equipping and furnishing improvements known as “The Vineyards” at the Corporation’s continuing care retirement community and related facilities; (ii) finance the termination of existing interest rate swap agreements and costs related thereto; (iii) fund a Bond Reserve Account for the benefit of the Bonds; (iv) pay the insurance premium to the OSHPD; and (v) pay certain of the costs of issuance of the Bonds and the refinancing of the Prior Loan.

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