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Archive for September, 2020

The CMFA Issues $18,270,000 in Low Cost, Tax-Exempt Financing for Maranatha High School

Sep 17, 2020

Maranatha is an educational institution that encourages their students to be life-long learners of not only theoretical abstractions, but also real-life applications of the concepts taught in the classroom. Academically, their goal is twofold: to ensure that their students are proficient in the academic disciplines and to challenge their students to be actively engaged in his/her pursuit of higher educatio

CMFA Completes the Issuance of $55,000,000 in Bonds for OneLegacy

Sep 15, 2020

The OneLegacy Corporation and Foundation focuses on activities that result in obtaining organs, eyes and tissues from deceased persons and making them available to be transplanted to recipient patients, resulting in savings lives and improving lives of the recipients. In addition, the applicant will employ 300 people at the site, contributing to the local economy of the City of Azusa.

CMFA Issues $25,000,000 in Tax-Exempt Financing for The Harker School

Sep 2, 2020

Harker celebrates a long-standing history and tradition of developing lifelong learners, well-rounded global citizens and kind, respectful individuals. With a deep commitment to academic excellence and civic responsibility. Beyond their students, Harker is committed to developing strong relationships with students’ families, supporting teachers’ professional development and creating an inspired learning environmen

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