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The California Municipal Finance Authority’s (“CMFA”) mission is to support economic development, job creation and social programs throughout the State of California while giving back to California communities. By supporting our member communities and their local charities with a portion of the revenue generated through the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt bonds for public, private and non-profit entities, the CMFA is able to directly contribute to the health and welfare of the residents of California.

The CMFA shares 25% of all issuance fees directly with its member communities. In addition, a grant equal to 25% of the issuance fee is made to the California Foundation for Stronger Communities (“CFSC”) to fund charities designated by the member communities. A portion of the annual fees received by the CMFA will also be directed to charitable activities within California communities. This unique commitment to “give back” directly to the communities in which we operate sets the CMFA apart.