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Responsive, Flexible Service

We are here to serve.  Borrowers are providing the public benefit to the community and we are focused on being responsive and flexible to help facilitate worthy public benefit projects.

Cost Effective

The CMFA strives to maintain a fee structure that is lower than other conduit issuers. In addition to lower borrowing costs with the CMFA, you get the best service and a partnership with the local community.

Annual fees are based on the outstanding balance of the bonds at the anniversary of bond issuance, not the original balance.  This results in considerable savings over time when issuing amortizing debt.

While you will pay less using the CMFA, the communities where the projects are located benefit because of our fee sharing discussed below.

Community Focused

One of the unique aspects of CMFA is the sharing of issuance fees with the host community for each project.  This fee sharing arrangement has been very well received by both municipalities and borrowers.

Over $20 million has been given back to municipalities and worthy California 501c3 non-profits thanks to the CMFA fee sharing.