CMFA Completed the issuance of $9,189,559 in Bonds for Golden Valley Health Center

In September 1972, Golden Valley Health Centers (“GVHC”) opened its doors as a County hospital-operated migrant health program. For the first two years, services were delivered part-time from space available at the hospital.

In 1973, a citizens group agreed to separate from the County and form a nonprofit corporation capable of receiving available migrant health funds. The new group would deliver services full-time from facilities owned by the new nonprofit Merced Farmworkers Health Project, Inc.

Land was purchased later that year and work started on the construction of a small medical and dental clinic. Completed in the summer of 1974, the clinics were ready for their first fulltime medical doctor and dentist. Since that time, GVHC has grown from a migrant health program into a multifaceted corporation with 26 sites and 120 clinicians serving two counties. All in the span of just four decades.

The proceeds of the bonds will be used to refund the outstanding debts and finance the renovation of healthcare facilities to create three new care suites, the build out of 8,100 square feet of leased space in Turlock California, to be used by GVHC as a primary health care center, build out of 2,880 square feet of leased space in Empire California, to be used by GVHC as a primary health care center, the acquisition and renovation of an 8,308 square foot facility in Ceres California to be used as a primary health care center and the renovation of approximately 4,100 square feet of GVHC’s Merced dental facility, to provide facilities for new dental services.

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