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CMFA Issues Financing for OPTIONS Family of Services

The CMFA recently issued $2,140,000 in tax-exempt financing for OPTIONS Family of Services. The proceeds of the Bonds will be used to provide for the refunding for outstanding Revenue Bonds, the proceeds of which were used to refinance debt incurred to finance improvements to the following facilities: (a) Allegro (9180 Barranca, Atascadero), (b) Atascadero ICF (8020 Coromor, Atascadero), (c) Morro Bay ICF (490 Bernardo, Morro Bay), (d) SLO (1693 McCollum, San Luis Obispo), (e) Sonata (5755 Valentina, Atascadero), (f) Alvin (937 West Alvin, Santa Maria), and (g) Mariposa (4087 Hillview, Santa Maria), in connection with its residential, day program and crisis services to people with developmental disabilities.

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