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CMFA Financings Enable $57,500 in Contributions to California Nonprofits

The CMFA continues to give back to the communities in California by directing a portion of its issuance fees to charitable organizations. Four 501(c)(3) organizations received $57,500 total in contributions from the California Foundation for Stronger Communities with funds donated by the CMFA.

The four well-deserving organizations include:

Housing California’s mission is to prevent homelessness and increase the supply of decent, safe, accessible and permanently affordable homes for homeless and low-income Californians. Housing CA staff accomplishes its goals through advocacy, education and research, and communications and outreach.
Clearwater Residential reaches out to seniors trying to manage on fixed incomes (including those with physical disabilities) so that each may live with dignity through assistance of housing and supportive social services and those that are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless, so they can achieve pride through self-sufficiency.
Freedom Station will be the leader in providing temporary lodging facilities, educational guidance, counseling, physical therapy, and career opportunities to our Nation’s wounded and disabled military heroes who are medically retired or discharged and begin the transition from defenders of freedom to productive members of America’s civilian work force. Freedom Station will also enable personal interaction between our military warriors and uniquely qualified volunteers and professional counselors at facilities within our main campus and satellite locations. We vow to be the hand up and not a hand out.
Cabrillo Housing provides comprehensive housing services, through a community building approach, that facilitate self-sufficiency for individuals and families who are most lacking in opportunity in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties and adjacent areas in Los Angeles county

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