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The CMFA Provides $54,784,000 in Low Cost Tax-Exempt Financing to Christian Church Homes for the Westlake Christian Terrace West Apartments

Westlake Christian Terrace West Apartments is an existing project located in Oakland on a 1.11-acre site. The project consists of 199 restricted rental units and 1 unrestricted manager unit distributed as 199 one-bedroom units and 1 two-bedroom unit. Exterior renovations consist of the removal of wall panels to be replaced with stucco, new roof, seismic structural upgrades, window replacement, new HVAC equipment, trash room reconfiguration to meet code and new balcony railing. Interior renovations include reconfiguration of ground floor common areas for enhanced accessibility and functionality, updates to management offices, new computer center, updated restrooms, upgraded laundry facility, elevator improvements and a new security entry system. Individual apartment unit upgrades include new plumbing fixtures and appliances, upgrades to heating/AC, electrical and plumbing improvements, upgrades to telephone and Internet cabling, improved insulation and fresh paint. Twenty units will be converted to accessible units and 11 will be upgraded with audiovisual communication features. Common area renovations will include repair of site drainage, sewer and irrigation, updated landscaping, improved sidewalk accessibility, new lighting, fence replacement, relocation of emergency generator, new security cameras, re-sealing of parking lots, addition of ADA parking and new signage. The rehabilitation is expected to begin in July 2018 and will be completed in February 2020. This financing will preserve 199 units of affordable housing in the City of Oakland for the next 55 years.

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