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The CMFA Assists Founding Member of the Claremont College Consortium

Established in 1887, by a group of Congregationalists who wanted to recreate on the West Coast “a college of the New England type,” one that would represent the very best of what they had experienced as students in the finest colleges of the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Instruction began on September 12, 1888, in a small, rented house in the city of Pomona. The following January, an unfinished hotel in nearby Claremont, along with adjacent land, was given to the College, which subsequently relocated there. Pomona College awarded its first diplomas to the Class of 1894. Today, Pomona College offers approximately 1,600 students, the personal experience of a small, academically superb liberal arts college and the breadth of resources normally associated with major universities.

Recently, the CMFA assisted Pomona College. The proceeds of the bonds will be loaned to Pomona College to finance the college’s educational and administrative facilities and to fund the construction of a new research and instruction building to be known as Millikan Laboratory and Andrew Science Hall.  In addition proceeds will be used for the construction of a new sciences courtyard between the Millikan Laboratory and the Seeley G. Mudd Science Library and pay costs of issuance and certain interest with respect to the loan.

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