The CMFA issues $25,620,000 in Tax-Exempt Financing for the Retirement Housing Foundation

The CMFA issued $25,620,000 in tax-exempt financing to refinance prior bonds related to the facilities described below, finance or reimburse the costs of constructing, renovating, remodeling and/or equipping long-term care facilities located on the Borrowers’ campuses, fund a debt service reserve fund and pay certain expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the Bonds.

Bond proceeds will be used to refinance certain facilities including: (1) Bixby Knolls Towers and Bixby Knolls Health Care & Rehabilitation Center located at 3737 Atlantic Avenue and 3747 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, California, (2) Gold Country Health Center and Gold Country Retirement Center located at 4301 Golden Center Drive and 6041 Golden Center Court, Placerville, California, and (3) Sun City Gardens located at 28500 Bradley Road, Sun City, California.

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