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CMFA Financings Enable $20,000 in Contributions to California Non-Profits

The CMFA continues to give back to the communities in California by directing a portion of its issuance fees to charitable organizations. There were several non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that received grants an aggregate total of $20,000 from the California Foundations for Stronger Communities with funds donated by the CMFA.

 The deserving organizations include:

Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program assists the development of small and micro businesses in Los Angeles. The non-profit primarily works with low-income immigrants from the Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai and Filipino business community.  The program is designed to overcome barriers to growth, .help these budding entrepreneurs build a sustainable business model and create jobs.

Herald Christian Health Center is a non-profit licensed community clinic with a mission to provide quality, affordable, culturally and linguistic appropriate and holistic health care services to the low income, uninsured and underserved people residing in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Khmer Arts Academy features a professional touring ensemble, a research and archiving program and a media program, in addition to the community-based academy where young students can receive free workshops in Cambodian classical dance.

The Korean Resource Center was founded in 1983 to empower Korean American community, low-income immigrant and people of color communities through a holistic model that combines education, social services, and culture with effective community advocacy and organizing. KRC is guided by the principles Live Rightly, Know our Roots, Empower Ourselves, and Live in Harmony.

Marina Village Middle School Jazz Band – The jazz band at Marina Village Middle School is a group of 25-30 talented seventh and eighth grade students who have committed their extra time beyond the school day to further their music ambitions.  The donation will be used to acquire instruments, music supplies, and offset costs related to performing at events and/or competitions.

The United Cambodian Community is a multicultural social services agency, serving the greater Long Beach community. The organization assists the refugee and immigrant population in making adjustments and to help bridge the gap between cultures, languages and generations.

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