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  • Section 1. Project Information

    (Complete section or attach plans, exhibits, maps, etc. that provide the requested information)
  • Section 2. Participants

  • Developer Information

  • Independent Consultants Assisting with CFD Formation (if applicable)

  • AgencyContact Information 
  • Section 3. Proposed CFD and Special Tax Structure

    (Complete section or attach proposed finance plan)
  • Target total effective tax rate: (including base property tax and existing overrides and direct charges)
  • When would you like the CFD to be formed?When would you like bond proceeds to be available? 
  • Please identify the public improvements and/or impact fees that you would like to finance from bond proceeds and indicate if you expect an associated fee credit or reimbursement from the public agency. If you would like to prioritize funding of particular facilities or fees, please also indicate the priority of each item. (attach sheet if more room is needed)
    Facility or Impact FeeAssociated Public AgencyEstimated CostRequesting fee credit or reimbursement for this item?Priority (if applicable) 
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      The Landowner/Developer below wishes to participate in the BOLD Program. Upon submission of this Application, Program consultants will review the information and contact the Landowner/Developer if additional information is needed for a preliminary approval to participate in the Program. Upon preliminary approval, a deposit will be due and the CFD formation process will be ready to begin.
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